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The brand "IKONIC" is about offering a safe, comfortable, sterile and professional environment for ALL for over 9 years and counting! We offer a wide range of versatility, custom art, education and knowledge. With five studios in our arsenal up and down the eastern region, we work on connecting with all levels of tattoo lovers, from first timers to veterans. Take a look at our studio and see for yourself !

Friendly Advice:
Always check portfolios, always ask questions, and make sure you always get what you want! At Ikonic, we want you to be 100% satisfied!

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Ethan has been in love withe the industry for an incredibly long time and it shows in own personal body art. With many attempts to be part of this amazing industry, he just never found the right fit, but his mentor "Josh", was it! Ethan and Josh, hit it off right away and he started creating first day. We can't wait to see what Ethan does here at Ikonic for years to come, and how he will grow as an artist. Keep an eye on this guy, he's gonna bring it!




Tattoo Artist

Kevin is the newest member of our team, and has a lot of skills to offer for all of his new clientele. With over 9 years experience, Kevin enjoys all styles, but especially loves Neo-traditional , Traditional, and New School. With an extensive portfolio, excellent customer service, calm and cool demeanor, and work that will show you that you picked the right artist, Kevin is ready to make art! His art is available in his portfolio, book asap while he is new and can fit everyone in, save the wait and get tattooed today!


Tawnie Rae



Our newest member of our team, Tawnie Rae, has been microblading for over 2.5 years and has skill set at a higher level than others. She is a true artist, she can paint, draw, is a professional photographer, and experienced micro-blade technician. She is a true sweetheart and professional. 




Tattoo Artist​

Kevin J was born in David, Panama. He moved to the United States when he was eight years old. At the age 9, his father started teaching him the art of tattooing. In 2001, his father died and Kevin continued to learn and perfected his craft. He served eight years in the military and during his time in service he continued to learn and in 2007 he was injured in Iraq. In 2009, that’s when he started tattooing full-time and traveling all over the world. He has won several awards both national and international. He is known for his black and gray realism and color realism.


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Church is one of our newest artists here at Ikonic, and we are a huge fan of his bright and inspiring personality! Always smiling and showing tons of respect for his clients and co-workers. With only a little less than 2.5 years in the game, Church's work is clean, detailed, and way ahead of his experience. Focusing on black and grey, black work, and lettering, he shows up and brings his artwork to new heights. 



RAWR!!!!! 🦁This vicious back piece was brilliantly executed by Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 ! #tattoos #am
One more session done and one more to go to add in all the highlights! By Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 ! #c
Joshua Kunkel _jfdk23 covered up the old with this bad ass Neo Traditional spin! #tattoos #coverupta
Got to do this nymph from #disneyfantasia  #outlinetattoo _jfdk23 #colorworktattoo #tattooedgirls #t




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